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Steven studied acupuncture at the University of Westminster in London where he gained a B.Sc Honours degree. He went to Japan to further his studies and, in 2003, began training under Edward Obaidey*

Steven trained with Edward-sensei for more than 5 years before returning to Europe to open his own practice and develop the skills he learned in Japan. His Sitges clinic has been running for eight years (@ 2018) and attracts patients from all over Europe. It was during his time in Japan that Steve perfected his unique approach, combining the disciplines of traditional Japanese acupuncture, moxibustion, shiatsu and herbal medicine, to varying degrees, to improve and augment the health of his patients. Instead of using a text-book formulaic approach Steven has developed a methodology that treats patients “in the moment”. His treatments are adapted to each patient, develop organically, visit by visit, in response to changes and improvements in health and the environment

*Edward Obaidey is a highly skilled practitioner of the art who has had the privilege to study under the late great Misao Takenouchi -Sensei and his current teacher Masakazu Ikeda -sensei. Edward-Sensei has trained numerous practitioners in his clinic in Tokyo. He continues to hold seminars in Japan, Australia, America, Canada the  UK and Spain. He founded the Rare Apricot Society 珍杏壇好学会– – an organization dedicated to the practice and preservation of Eastern classical medicine and has translated the practice of Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion by Masakasu Ikeda-sensei; Classic principles in action “in English. He is the author of “A Long Road: an acupuncture travelogue” Volumes 1-5 that are currently available on Amazon.

A long road A long road II

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