Children’s treatments

In treating children with acupuncture we don’t use sharp “needles”.  It’s not necessary. Children have an abundance of energy which is easily accessible on the surface of the body. Their bodies are very pliable. The approach is still the same as adults but they require less time. We also use moxa on children and, from our experience, they really enjoy coming to our clinic and find the process enjoyable and relaxing.

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What is an Acupuncture needle?

Why bring your child for acupuncture?

We have good experience treating children. Conditions range from skin conditions, breathing problems to lack of energy / recurrent colds, poor digestions headaches, lack of concentration or emotional problems etc. Generally speaking, almost everything! If you wish to speak more about your child’s problem, then feel free to call us first.

Illustration by Etsuko Nagahama // Photos by Harumi Urano
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