What are we stimulating?


“Meridians” (経絡 KeiRaku in Japanese) are an energetic network that surrounds the body and connect with the interior organ system. An acupuncture treatment is basically stimulating this network and literally plugging into your internal organ network.  An acupuncture point is often specifically stimulated to produce an energetic change in this pathway.

General Principle- Energy 1st Physical 2nd

The physical body will always follow the energetic stimulation. One way of looking at this concept is to think about when you plan a holiday or adventure. Before you book your flights or accommodation, your energetic body is already there. Eventually, your physical body will arrive at the destination.

How do we know?

The radial artery is where we feel this energy. This is a physical palpable representation of your energetic heart or your true self. Of course, you will know it works, because your symptoms and general health will improve.

Lets put this another way. If you think about all the technology that is employed in western medicine then this is truly marvelous. An MRI machine uses so much technology, has been developed by so many people it is mind-blowing. Yet, what we use in Oriental medicine is rather profound in its own way. This is Intuition. A part of us that we are gradually leaving behind. We already “know” most of the things about our health and indeed where we are at in life, yet, a lot of this is ignored. This is for various reasons. It’s much easier to throw your responsibilities to another person than to look at who is causing the problem in the first place. We prefer to seek the blame of a higher authority or look for solutions ” out there”. In a way, this is quite normal, yet its good to be adventurous and look for something that is a little extraordinary!..guess what..this is you!

Illustration by Etsuko Nagahama // Photos by Harumi Urano
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