Welcome to Steve’s Acupuncture Clinic

Steve’s Acupuncture Clinic is founded on the classic principles of Oriental Medicine, which Steven Blair B.Sc (Hons) has studied in depth for many years. Steve offers a unique service to his patients, combining the traditional disciplines of acupuncture, moxibustion, Shiatsu and classic Chinese herbal medicine to improve health.

Unlike western medicine, Oriental medicine not only focuses on the specific aspects of the disease but also targets a person’s entire well-being, promoting their own energy or “Ki” 気 to improve general health and wellbeing. For this reason, Oriental Medicine is seen as preventative as well as a means of effecting cures. 

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Through the use of acupuncture and the related disciplines of moxibustion, shiatsu, and herbal medicine, Steve’s Acupuncture Clinic has proven to be highly effective in treating patients with a wide variety of disorders. Acupuncture is especially appropriate for the treatment of chronic and stubborn diseases (which do not respond well to Western medicine), such as back pain / joint, rheumatism, migraine, allergies, anxiety, depression and insomnia-to name a few.

Steve has treated patients from all over Europe. The age scope of his patients varies from 3-month-old babies to seniors in their late 90s. He has also worked with athletes, sports professionals and dancers to help improve their performance by improving general health and vitality: increasing immunity as well as prevention/ recovery from injuries.

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