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Steven’s journey in acupuncture began at the University of Westminster in London, where he successfully completed his B.Sc Honours degree. Seeking to deepen his knowledge and expertise, he embarked on a transformative chapter by travelling to Japan. It was there, in 2003, that he had the privilege of training under his teacher Edward Obaidey Sensei.**

Dedicated to his craft, Steven immersed himself in intensive training with Edward-Sensei for over 5 years. This invaluable experience not only honed his skills but also instilled in him a profound appreciation for the intricacies of traditional Japanese acupuncture, moxibustion, shiatsu, and herbal medicine. By synthesizing these disciplines in innovative ways, Steven developed a unique approach that became the cornerstone of his practice.

Upon his return to Europe, Steven established his own clinic, which has now flourished in Sitges for 15 years, attracting visitors globally and across Europe. It was during his time in Japan that he fine-tuned his distinctive methodology, one that transcends textbook formulas. By treating patients “in the moment,” he crafts personalized treatments that adapt and evolve organically with each visit. This patient-centric approach allows Steven to respond effectively to changes in their health and environment, fostering remarkable transformations along their healing journey.


Within the domain of Oriental medicine, we harness a diverse range of tools, with massage serving as a foundational practice that rouses the subconscious, drawing attention to neglected areas. At ShinSei Acupuncture, we offer various massage techniques tailored to each patient’s specific needs, such as Shiatsu, Do-In, or Anma massage. Shiatsu (指圧) combines the “finger” (指) and “pressure” (圧) techniques, while Anma (按摩) employs the art of “pressing” (按) and “rubbing” (摩). Additionally, Do-In (導引) encompasses the method of “guiding” (導) and “leading” (引). These massage modalities aim to optimize the body’s energy flow and can be employed independently or in conjunction with acupuncture and moxibustion.

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**Photo below: Edward Obaidey: London 2015

Dedicating over a decade of rigorous study in London and Tokyo, I laid the foundation for my Sitges clinic. The unwavering support and guidance from my teacher in Japan were instrumental in making this dream a reality. Though physically apart, my connection with Edward Sensei remains strong, sustained by occasional visits and online live group webinars. This journey is indeed a long road. I am grateful for the unwavering companionship he has given me. I am humbled to impart this art to fellow practitioners, and ultimately, my patients play a pivotal role in transmitting this profound knowledge.