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Recent telephone or direct appointments may not yet be shown here. However, please book an appointment here and if it’s not convenient we will get back to you. If using Android or smartphone- When you input your email from autoselect the cursor will create a space at the end ” white space”, and the booking system will not recognise the email. To resolve this make sure that the cursor is at the end of the email when you press next and you will be sailing!


This will save you doing this after your treatment when you are relaxed and reconnecting with yourself. If you prefer cash, this is fine as it quicker than using the card reader in the clinic. Please also consider paying for 5 or 10 treatments in advance. This is cheaper than individual sessions and saves time at the end of your treatment when you may not want to think about money.  Thanks in advance for your consideration.

SATURDAY BOOKINGS – Not available online

yes! We are now open Saturday mornings.  Please use the Whatsapp icon or call to arrange your Saturday appointment.


Cancellation Policy
24 Hour Policy: Please consider other patients. No show or cancellation at less than 24 hours is charged at the full rate. This is to ensure that other patients can receive treatment. Thank you for your consideration.

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