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Making ends meet (mind the gap)

An attractive thing about oriental medicine, or any art for that matter, is the beauty of creating something from nothing. Oriental medicine could easily be called “the medicine of nothing” and I believe my teacher Edward sensei once referred to it this way. For example, when I touch- needle a point or watch a cone […]

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squeezing blood out of a stone

Over the Christmas period I was watching and old comedy sketch by Morecambe and Wise from the 1970s which is the one with Andre Previn . After playing the piano really badly Morecomb turns and says to Andre  “ I am playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order”! Anyway, the […]

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A Word or Two from Zhang Zongjing

Below I have translated the preface to Zhang Zhongjing’s Classic “The Treatise on Cold Damage” compiled around 220AD. I translated it a while back while in Japan during an intense period of study. Its from Ikeda Sensei’s Japanese translation of the Sho Kan Ron Handbook and I translated with a little bit of help from my […]

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