Health Tourism Sitges

Celebrating our 12th year, ShinSei Acupuncture is dedicated to providing exceptional care to visitors within the vibrant Sitges community, the surrounding Catalunya region, and visitors from around the globe. Over the years, we have successfully treated a wide range of conditions, including acute or chronic pain, common cold or flu, headaches, environmental allergies, digestive issues, emotional strain, low energy, general fatigue, as well as more complex chronic health conditions. Our expertise extends to addressing gynaecology problems such as menopausal symptoms and infertility, insomnia, diabetes, migraines, vertebral disc injuries and diseases, Lyme disease, low libido, erectile dysfunction, and cancer recovery.

If you are visiting Sitges on holiday and have a health concern that you would like addressed, now is the perfect opportunity to take action. We welcome the opportunity to address any questions you may have before your trip, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience.

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I arrived at Steve’s office at the start of my vacation in rough shape- low back and knee pain, general fatigue, plus a lung infection with a nasty cough- but after three consecutive treatments I felt a significant change occurring in my body, and by the end of my trip a few days and two more treatments later I looked and felt like a new man! Thank you Steve for your tireless efforts. Cheers. ( 79 years old from Texas )


Attending our clinic you will learn how you can manage your condition successfully in the future. Although regular attendance is recommended having just one or two treatments is sometimes enough to kick-start your body and self-awareness for your condition to improve when you return home. We can adjust the treatment intervals according to your availability and the severity of your condition.

During my travel, I hurt my back. Luckily I found Steve, who happened to be just round the corner of my Airbnb. Steve didn’t just treat my back but my overall health, like my digestion, my rashes, and balance my energy. I was skeptical first since he wasn’t Chinese or Asian, but turned out he is much better than most of my Chinese acupuncturists! I would definitely go back and do some more treatments for my menopause. ( 47 years old from New York )

What to expect:

We will thoroughly check your current symptoms and take a look at your past history. Aside from receiving a good treatment here, we can advise you on any small changes in your diet or exercise regime that may be necessary. Normally any small precise change in a personal seemingly irrelevant habit is sufficient to yield positive health benefits in the future.

I live in Singapore and was recommended Steve by a friend who has visited his teacher’s clinic in Tokyo. I had been trying to conceive for a number of years. I had just one treatment with Steve owing to time restraints and followed diligently the advice he gave me when I returned home to Singapore. Within 3 months I was able to conceive naturally. Steve is the real deal! ( Australian 37-year-old )

I recently had cosmetic surgery 6 months prior to visiting steve ( breast reduction ) at a private hospital in London. I came to Steve because I had residual pain as well as lack of sensation in areas near where I had the surgery. I saw steve just 5 times and the results were incredible. Not only has the pain completely gone, but the scars appear less apparent and my overall health and sensitivity is much better. Thanks Steve !