My Teacher Edward Obaidey- Sensei, Tokyo

Ikeda Masakazu My teacher’s teacher

Tai Chi and Qi Gong master Sifu Sam Tam in Vancouver and Jan Dieprsloot in California who taught me the finer side of responding and letting go of resistance.

Rare Apricot Society 珍杏壇好学会– an organisation dedicated to the practice and preservation of Classical Oriental medicine

PRACTITIONERS who have apprenticed with Edward Sensei

Charles Homonnay– Washington DC

Chris La Rosa – Boulder

Gordon Whyman– Takasaki- Japan

Ilan Ben-Nissan – Sydney- Australia

John Blazevic –  Vancouver

Kerri Winston– Atlanta

Miki Levenson– Palo Alto

Toby Stephens -London

A long road II

Edward Obaidey graduated from the Tokyo Therapeutic Institute in 1990 and has a busy practice in Tokyo. He is the founder of the Japanese Acupuncture and Moxibustion Skills Foundation, an organisation dedicated to the practice and preservation of traditional Oriental Medicine, and has given seminars in England, Australia, Canada, Japan, Spain, and America. He is privileged to have studied in apprenticeship under Misao Takenouchi sensei and with his current teacher, Masakazu Ikeda sensei for whom he has assisted in the presentation of many seminars abroad. In keeping with his traditional training, Mr. Obaidey’s clinic is a centre both of healing, and of the continuous learning and development of his students, visitors and himself.

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