Moxibustion involves the direct burning of the moxa herb (艾) on or near the skin. In Oriental medicine, we embrace the concept of Yin and Yang, which represents the interplay and relationship of opposing forces. Depending on the preparation and application of moxa, it can be used to increase either Yin or Yang energy within the body. For instance, due to its inherent heat (Yang), moxibustion can enhance the subsequent cooling effect (Yin), similar to how sweating cools the body. This approach can be beneficial for conditions involving general inflammation, fever, and tightness. By applying heat to inflamed or tense areas, moxibustion stimulates the body’s natural defence mechanisms, resulting in a reduction or stabilization of inflammation and tension.
Moxa is particularly advantageous for individuals with chronic low-grade systemic inflammation or compromised immune systems. It can also offer significant relief from painful swelling caused by sports injuries or post-operative surgery. Moreover, moxibustion has a systemic effect on the body by strengthening and invigorating the immune system, leading to overall enhanced well-being.