Smoking Area


The process of developing skills is a lengthy one and I am deeply grateful for any sincere help I receive in the transmission of this art. I personally know well the commitment and dedication required to step into a REAL clinic environment. To improve my own knowledge, experience, and application of the art I spent 8 years living in Japan with a majority of that time spent in my teacher’s clinic in Tokyo where I honed my skills. It was not an easy choice because I was fully aware that the reality of true learning is literally entering a smoking room and doing what the room was set up for (in Japan these ‘smoking rooms’ are found in hotels, spas, airports, and train stations). One could describe these as a place that isn’t really that comfortable and somewhat intrusive, yet it’s still a welcome refuge to a committed tobacco smoker. In the case of an acupuncture clinic, yes there is smoke (moxa), there is awareness (needles), and there is laughter… but above all, there is experiential HEALTHY learning- for everyone! And although my earnest assistants/deshi may not always feel fully comfortable, they can certainly find refuge within the walls of my clinic.

Below I would like to introduce you to my dedicated assistants:

Hi, I’m Marta, I’ve been practising acupuncture for  6 years. I met Steve by chance two years after graduation and I’ve been helping in his clinic ever since. With him, I’ve learned that acupuncture is much more than just points and prescriptions of treatments, and it has given me the inspiration to continue with the practice of this art. Thank you, Steve, for your attention and guidance!

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I’m Autum Rotach, I’ve been running my own Acupuncture practice in New York since 2010, I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to work with Steve in his clinic here in Sitges for a stretch of three months. I’m feeling very grateful to be able to refine my practice through deeper study and observation for a rich learning experience incomparable to what one can find in books or brief weekend seminars. Thank you Steve for your generosity of spirit! 🙂

I’m Emily Klein originally from the west coast of the United States where I studied and practiced Chinese medicine for 5 years. I moved to the Barcelona area about 3.5 years ago and currently practice in Sant Just Desvern and Torrelles de Llobregat. The more I practice this medicine that I love the more I realize it requires a lifetime commitment to learning.  When I met Steve last Fall I began working at his clinic soon after because I could see that he understands and practices this commitment himself and I knew I could learn a lot from him.

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